Images Team

Please meet our hard working veteran team.  Cindy, Pat, and Donya have served Images Agency clients for over 30 years.  Tracey and Stacy have been serving for over 10 years.  Chloe gives us an amazing perspective to the younger generation and helps us work harder for them!  Think about that for a moment.  Most of our co-workers have been together for more than two decades.  There in lies a unique opportunity for dealing with mature professionals who have served our industry from every angle… Together!
That really means something to us.  We hope it does to you as well.
Cindy Smith, President
314.372.0506  –

Pat Mathis
Office Manager

Donya Gunn
Director of Talent

Tracey Loder
Director of Talent

Stacy Caudle
Photo Manager/Casting

Chloe Morgan
Social Media Director