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How This Works

October 12, 2018  by imagestalent18

How do I get started?

The first thing you must remember about an interview and audition is that this is the time for you to do what you love most…entertain! An audition is not a time to be judged but a time for us to learn about you, your personality, your expectations, and what you want to do in the modeling/acting industry.

We are here to meet you and evaluate your potential, as well as, educate you about the business. We are looking for all experience levels and backgrounds. Auditions can and should be fun!

What to expect:

Be prepared to spend approximately one hour at the Agency for your complimentary, no obligation interview/audition. We start with a group seminar to educate you on the entertainment industry. After the brief meeting, you will then meet with a Talent Director for your one on one interview. Auditions are your time to shine. It is best to relax, have fun, and show all your personality.

If the candidate is under the age of 19, a parent or legal guardian is required to attend. We encourage both parents to attend so the whole family can be educated about our Agency, as well as, the industry as a whole. Space is limited so please leave other family members (brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.) or friends at home.

What to bring:

We request that you bring a recent snapshot of yourself (if you have one) that we can keep. No photos will be returned. This photo does not need to be professional, just something that we can keep on file to reference during and after the interview.